Little Falls (NY) Evening Times

Posted 06.28.10

Read the Evening Times report about Lost Sparrow’s TV premier in November on PBS’s Independent Lens. More >>

Orlando Weekly

Posted 04.22.10

Five Stars for Lost Sparrow. Filmmaker Billing “exquisitely edits the footage to hold viewers under a spell worthy of a master storyteller.” More >>

San Fracisco Chronicle writes, “Powerful…wrenching… the audience was stunned”

Posted 03.23.10

There was a third documentary, about birdsongs, showing Tuesday night at the American Indian Film Festival, but the truth is that “Lost Sparrow,” which preceded it, was so wrenching, so powerful that we couldn’t help rushing out instead to talk over what we had just seen. As the lights came up for a Q&A with… More >>

Moving Pictures Magazine writes, “A most personal journey of discovery”

Posted 03.23.10

Like so many personal documentaries, Lost Sparrow begins with a family’s home video. However, the faces in the family portrait revealed therein are blurred and unidentified. Lost. Given that half the faces in the lost image belong to Native American children, my mind bends to spirits, to the oft-mythed legend of the ability of photographs… More >>